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Material of the Week - EPDM

24 Apr 2018 | Posted by Sharon Kendal

Hello again! As you know, each week I will be looking at a material, polymer or service we offer here at MacLellan Rubber. For my material highlight this week, I am focussing on EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer to give the material its full name.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

EPDM is a synthetic rubber available from MacLellan Rubber in a number of different formats which have recommendations for different applications. We offer a range of options from commercial EPDM/SBR through to our 1300 high temperature grade and BS6920 approved and certified WRAS EPDM. We also have drinking water grades with European KTW, W270 and ACS Certification. 

As with all synthetic rubbers, the percentage and blend ratio for different grades is optimised to give the best results for any desired application; typically, however, the higher the grade of material the greater the percentage of base Polymer (in this instance EPDM).

Fire Retardant EPDM

Other grades of EPDM available from us conform to BSEN45545 and BS 476, individually known as 'go to' specifications for fire retardants within the rail and construction industry.

Food Quality EPDM

Our latest addition to the EPDM material family is our 0157 food quality grade. This offers not only full certification to EU1935, but is now the only material available as sheet rubber in the UK which can boast being Nitrosamine Free. Learn more about Nitrosamines and why it is something we would like to see removed completely from food processing. Our FoodSafe range will be further expanded later this year with the addition of a metal detectable grade.

EPDM rubber materials have diverse applications within the gasket and sealing market, typically used in the material conversion market where the application may require resistance to weathering, ozone and UV, giving good ageing properties. 

EPDM for the Automotive sector

In recent years, EPDM has been the Automotive sector's material of choice and at MacLellan Rubber, we are proud to boast of many years supplying into some of Europe's biggest automotive component manufacturers, and have several industry approved materials complete with IMDS registration.

Throughout the past year, we have seen our business grow, not only in terms of market share for existing standard materials, but also in being able to provide our customers with a broader range of technical materials. This, combined with UK market changes with more of our customers demanding shorter lead times and increasingly next day delivery, has led us to further expand our warehousing and distribution centre in Wolverhampton by an additional 6,000 sq foot - reinforcing our commitment to our customer base and its continued growth.

Remember to check back next week for an insight into our Media Compatibility Tool and what this could mean for your business.