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Make Sure Your Whites are Right - EU1935 is The Standard

28 Aug 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions
Protecting your Company from unnecessary risks is something that everyone is responsible for within your business. You have processes for managing the quality of your ingredient suppliers. You...

What's the best practice for handling Rubber Sheet Materials?

18 Aug 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions
This is a difficult question to answer as different users will have access to differing levels of equipment and space. Therefore we have come up with a list of dos and donts as a guide which is all...

Whats Wrong with My Material? - Part 3 Why Does The Thickness Vary?

07 Aug 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions
Or perhaps I should say that we are more commonly asked why isnt the thickness exactly what I want it to be? This can perhaps be the most challenging area for any manufacturer and customer to agree...

Innovations Ahead of Their Time - Success is Hard Won

06 Aug 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions
As highlighted in my previous blog, MacLellan Rubber employees have never been short of ideas, sometimes they have been short of common sense, but then who is to know if the next idea will be the...