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Make Sure Your Whites are Right - EU1935 is The Standard

28 Aug 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions

Protecting your Company from unnecessary risks is something that everyone is responsible for within your business.
You have processes for managing the quality of your ingredient suppliers.
You have processes for managing you production through HACCP planning.
You have processes for ensuring that the quality of your product is maintained through packaging and shipping so that the customer has the best experience of your brand when they use it.
So why is all of that work at risk?
We estimate that over 60% of White Food Quality Rubber gaskets used in the UK today are manufactured using un-regulated imported materials that have no Food Quality Credentials and no basis for quoting FDA or EU1935 compliance. As a result Food Manufacturing process are compromised not only from the risk of contamination from degrading compounds unfit for human consumption, but also through taste as outgases or leached chemicals seep into the production process, and even through microbial contamination the growth of which is not restricted by these un-pure materials.
Whilst many suppliers will deflect challenges to their food safe material credentials by emphasising how white their material is, and therefore how it must be suitable, or will provide a generic statement about FDA approved ingredients used in its manufacture, for the majority there is little or no compliance with the current requirements of BS EN 1935.
MacLellan Rubber were the first Rubber Sheeting supplier to offer a BS EN 1935:2004 (EU1935:2004) as a standard product and continue to be the only stockist of Rubber Sheeting to this approval in the UK.
We ensure compliance from the base compound manufacturer, through the compounding and manufacturing process and on to our own packaging controls. In doing so we can provide Full Traceability and Certify our Rubber Sheeting and any Gaskets produced from our Rubber Sheeting meet the same standards that you apply to your own processes.
By controlling the manufacturing process so effectively we can ensure that the materials meet the highest Food Safety Standards precluding substances being transferred to food in quantities large enough to endanger human life or affect the food itself. Doing anything less would be a criminal act.
For more information on all of our Food Safe materials including BS EN 1935:2004 Natural (NR), Neoprene (CR), Nitrile (NBR), EPDM, Silicone, and WRAS Silicone and EPDM you can contact our Sales Management Team.