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Rubber Shore Hardness Scales

24 Oct 2019 | Posted by Andrew Onions
Shore A and IRHD are the most widely used scales for measuring the hardness of rubber materials. Measuring it accurately with the right instrument is essential. It is possible to compare the results with other hardness scales including 0, 00, D etc. 

Product Classification under EN45545-1 Railway Standard for Fire Safety

24 Oct 2019 | Posted by Andrew Onions
Defining the fire safety requirements of products for railway vehicles is now regulated through EN45545-1 and EN45545-2.  MacLellan offer a range of FireSafe materials that comply to these accreditations and are independently certified.

Polymer Content - Busting the Misrepresentation and Myth

23 Oct 2019 | Posted by Andrew Onions
There are several myths and misrepresentations surrounding Polymer Content. Here are our answers to some of those.