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"Nowhere is the determination to improve quality standards, achieve better product performance, and lower environmental harm demonstrated more vigorously than in the Automotive Industry."


The global impact of the outputs and the huge resources engaged in delivering an environmentally acceptable vehicle, not only during its working life but through to end of life recycling, make operating in this industry an immense challenge. 

 The global impact of the outputs and the huge resources engaged in delivering an environmentally acceptable vehicle, not only during its working life but through to end of life recycling, make operating in this industry an immense challenge. 

World Class Global manufacturing companies demand world class, global solutions, and increasingly stringent legislation relating to emissions and end of life recyclability mean that manufacturers within the Automotive sector are constantly redesigning and refreshing their products and demanding technical improvements to reduce weight, extend the working life and minimise the impact on the environment. This mandates that suppliers have the ability to regularly achieve technical improvements. 

Automotive manufacturing encompasses diverse and sometimes conflicting requirements. The need for volume production in technically specialist materials can be challenging when designing materials and products for high volume assembly lines at a price point that justifies both the investment and the implementation. Manufacturers strive to be best in class and compromising those goals is unlikely to be met with enthusiasm or satisfy the objectives and ambitions of the client. 

MacLellan Rubber has worked directly with Automotive designers and manufacturers as well as with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers for many years and understands the needs of these differing clients - be that meeting the design and technical specifications of the Automotive company or the price point, stock holding and OTIF demands of the parts supplier. Integrity and traceability are cornerstones of any supply chain and under-performance in either of these areas is unacceptable for a client. 

MacLellan Rubber offer products using compounds and ingredients from recognised European manufacturers and can provide traceability all the way through our supply chain. We ensure integrity of product through repeated testing and are the only Sheet Rubber manufacture that batch tests every compound mix (below 150 kilo mix), irrespective of the overall batch volume which can often run into 5,000 kilos or more. In this way we ensure consistency throughout the manufactured batch from start to finish and significantly reduce the potential for failure closer to the finished product manufacture and also within the operational life of the product. Our finished products are supplied with full release certification and 100% inspection where required. Packaging in undertaken to the appropriate standard defined by the client and traceability is referenced through packaging labels and accompanying paperwork. 

As a business we maintain knowledge and engage in the review and publication of international material standards, our reference library is extensive and encompasses references including: British Standards, ISO, ASTM, MIL-R, MIL-P, AMS, DTD, DEF-STAN. The scope of material standards is extensive and in many cases customer specific however we regularly review our library to ensure we are producing to the latest standards demanded by our customer, including in house specifications. Were appropriate our compounds are recorded on International Material Data System (IMDS) and updated regularly. 

Our extensive range of high quality products which are utilised within this industry include the following gasket and sealing materials:
Q853 BS EN 45545 Fire Resistant Neoprene
Q349 UV Resistant EPDM
Synthetic Sponge Range Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile
Sorbothane Energy Absorbing Sheet and Parts for Low Level Vibration Issues
Q713 High Performance Nitrile for Fuel Oil Applications
Non Asbestos Fibre Jointing.  

Complementing the above materials we also offer the following sealing products: 

Inflatable Seals
Vulcanised O Rings
Encapsulated O Rings
Oil Seals
Expansion Joints
Flexible Bellows
Braided Packing
Spiral Wounds 

MacLellan Rubber continues to invest in the development of new materials and sealing solutions and partners with world class businesses around the globe to offer innovative solutions that ensure our materials and products meet the key market needs with excellent chemical resistance, long service life and performance that guarantee the integrity of your project.