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Sealing products in the Quarrying and Mining Industry are expected to be hard wearing, high performance and reliable. Achieving this in a competitive environment where operating costs need to be maintained at a minimum in the face of global competition and uncertain demand is challenging and rewarding.

MacLellan Polymer materials and Sealing products achieve unparalleled performance in aggressive and demanding environments, providing operational benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced downtime, energy consumption and consequently higher profitability. Whether your application involves abrasive media and requires high wear resistance; high pressure and requires exception load bearing and tear resistance; or flame and explosive resistance and requires accreditation to ISO 340, ATEX, or NCB 158, we have tested and approved products ready for delivery.

In addition to the challenging operational environments typically found in the mining industry, sealing products suppliers need to be capable of designing solutions and developing materials that meet the stringent safety regulations, protecting employee lives and the surrounding environment.

Ensuring materials are anti-static to avoid potential explosive situations; flame resistant and low smoke in the event of a fire outbreak, REACH compliant and where possible recyclable to avoid environmental contamination are all aspects of MacLellans design considerations when recommending a solution for your application.

Our experience in supplying materials and sealing solutions extends across all aspects of the mining industry highly wear resistant rubber sheeting for chute lining, pipe lining, scrappers and skirting; conveyor belting and pulley lagging; abrasive resistant pump packing, non-return valve spheres, and diaphragms; hydraulic seals, O-Rings, rubber bushes and modified PTFE bearings.

Our extensive range of high quality products which are utilised within this performance critical industry include the following gasket materials:

1077 Red Wear Resistant Rubber Sheeting

Q853 ISO 340 & NCB158 Anti-Static and Low Smoke Rubber sheeting
Q080 Black Shotblast Rubber Sheet

Q062 Tan Shotblast Rubber Sheet

J201 Red Silica Filled PTFE Jointing

J202 Blue Glass Filled PTFE Jointing

J203 Barium Sulphate Filled PTFE Jointing

Complementing the above materials we also offer the following sealing products:

Vulc O-Rings
Oil Seals
One Up Diaphragms
Fabric Reinforced Diaphragms
Expansion Joints
Flexible Bellows
Braided Packing

As a supplier of highly engineered safety critical Technical Sealing Materials and Products we offer a high level of engineering support to ensure that the right material option is selected for the application. We engage with our customers in a variety of ways, from onsite technical support and advice to product training and installation. Our expertise in engineering solutions that are practical, effective and efficient is widely recognised by our customers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia- our supply relationships encompass onsite stock holding, same day deliveries and rapid manufacture of seals.

MacLellan Rubber continues to invest in the development of new materials and sealing solutions and partners with world class businesses around the globe to offer innovative solutions.