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"Delivering solutions into the primary environments of Land, Sea and Air in the face of aggressive competition and changing technology requires a high level of product knowledge and integrity."

The Defence industry encompasses public and private enterprise with many differing objectives. The diverse range of applications and products spans vehicles, aerospace, marine and engineering as well as unique areas such as explosives. Delivering solutions into the primary environments of Land, Sea and Air in the face of aggressive competition and changing technology requires a high level of product knowledge and integrity.

Technical knowledge and Integrity of supply chain are a key factor in MacLellan Rubbers success in supplying the Defence Industry sector. With over 140 years experience of processing materials and developing and manufacturing products for a wide variety of applications many of which are still covered by the official secrets act, we are confident that we have helped deliver security for our nation. With continuity of supply covering decades to support defence programmes in all areas Land, Sea and Air MacLellan has demonstrated its commitment to procurement teams to support and develop solutions on a progressive basis, ensuring that materials and products comply with changing overarching legislation as well as keeping pace with rapid developing technology.

Whilst developing materials that will meet new criteria and legislation we are constantly entrusted to supply materials that comply with older and often obsolete standards especially Directorate of Technical Development documents (DTD Specifications), which have been made obsolete, and are regularly challenged to produce United States Military Standards, commonly known as MIL-Specs or MIL-Std where original producers have either ceased trading or no longer have the capabilities to manufacture.

There are no short cuts to developing the skills to produce materials and products that are critical to the performance of Submarines, Frigates, Fighter Jets, Tanks and Armoury and whilst these parts are often seen as secondary in importance to the hardware, they are just as critical to the performance of the final product. There are equally no shortcuts to ensuring materials and products are available to a client base that is demanding both in the length of remaining the shelf life, ideally manufactured from new with the shortest possible lead time, often with little or no forward forecast data. Add to this the need for complete traceability through the supply chain and many manufacturers fall at the first hurdle. MacLellan overcome these challenges through efficient manufacturing processes, small economical batch sizes and complete traceability systems across all of our materials and products. Our batch testing of every 150kg production mix of raw material is world class and enables us to ensure a higher degree of compliance before bulk production than almost any other manufacturer.

The diversity of our specialist materials and products ranges from High Integrity Polymer Sheeting Grades British Standards; DTD Standards; MIL Standards; ASTM Standards Polymer Proofed Textiles for wear resistance, clothing and screening Composite Sound Absorbing and Noise Isolation Pads Chamber Seals Access Seals Stern Shaft Seals Explosive Decompression Seals Fabricated Impact Pads & Cushions Flexible Vehicle Screening - to name just a few. Our materials are used at extremes of temperature and pressure and in arduous and often aggressive environments that include Hydrocarbons, Crude Oil, Corrosives, Saturated Steam, Condensate, Hydraulic Fluids, Chemicals, Acids, Caustics, and Gas.

Capability, Quality and Integrity are truism we would apply within any supply chain that Maclellan operates but none more so than in the service we provide to our Defence Industry customers.

Our extensive range of high quality products which are utilised within this performance critical industry include the following gasket materials:

0794 High Grade NBR Oil & Chemical Resistant Rubber Sheet
A075 Chemours Viton A FKM Rubber Sheet
Hyrdrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) Rubber Sheet
Pure Exfoliated Graphite Sheet
High Performance multi layer graphite sheet with 316SS insert
Stainless Steel Reinforced Tanged Graphite and Plain
Glass/Aramid Fibre Non Asbestos Jointing

Complementing the above materials and technical products we also offer the following sealing products:

Inflatable Seals
Vulcanised O Rings
Encapsulated O Rings
Oil Seals
Expansion Joints
Flexible Bellows
Braided Packing
Spiral Wounds

MacLellan Rubber strives to exceed the requirements of our Defence customers and our high performance sealing solutions are designed to perform in the most demanding circumstances. Through our products we believe we play a major role in improving efficiency, reducing costs and downtime and as a consequence supporting improvements in safety.