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"A supply chain with knowledge, integrity and a focus on traceability are essential to the safety of this sector"


Maintaining the highest performance levels is critical to the Aerospace Industry and a Supply Chain with Knowledge, Integrity and focus on Traceability are essential to ensure the Safety of this sector. 

The exceptional operating conditions within Aerospace operations and applications are challenging for any Seal products manufacture and demand the highest levels of product quality.

The operational life span of many planes can run into decades or more, requiring product manufacture and support far beyond the expectations of most industrial applications and in many cases beyond the life span of either the material manufacture or the availability of the compound components.

This requires a supply partner with an understanding of the applications, environments, manufacturing processes and compound formulation MacLellan Rubber have over 140 years experience and knowledge to offer a high level of integrity that is reflected in our business partnerships.

The diversity and range of technical specifications can often seem daunting to companies that have little knowledge of the industry, coupled with the high number of obsolete standards and specifications that still prevail for many applications and the risk of supply chain failure increases exponentially.

MacLellan Rubber have a high level of application knowledge to understand the technical requirements and develop the appropriate compound but also enables us to both formulate to original obsolete specifications and alternatively where constituent components of the compound are no longer available, or in some cases legal to use, identify and recommend a new formulation that will perform to the same or higher level.

Integrity and traceability are cornerstones of any supply chain and under performance in either of these areas is unacceptable for a client.

MacLellan Rubber offer products using compounds and ingredients from recognised European manufacturers and can provide traceability all the way through our supply chain. We ensure integrity of product through repeated testing and are the only Sheet Rubber manufacture that batch tests every compound mix (below 150 kilo mix), irrespective of the overall batch volume which can often run into 5,000 kilos or more. In this way we ensure consistency throughout the manufactured batch from start to finish and significantly reduce the potential for failure closer to the finished product manufacture and also within the operational life of the product. Our finished products are supplied with full release certification and 100% inspection where required. Packaging in undertaken to the appropriate standard defined by the client and traceability is referenced through packaging labels and accompanying paperwork.

As a business we maintain knowledge and engage in the review and publication of international material standards, our reference library is extensive and encompasses references including: British Standards, ISO, ASTM, MIL-R, MIL-P, AMS, DTD, DEF-STAN. The scope of standards covering Sealing products is extensive and in many cases customer specific however we regularly review our library to ensure we are producing to the latest Aerospace Sealing standards such as AS4716 Gland Design O Rings and Other Elastomeric Seals; ARP1234 Rev B Gland Design, Elastomeric O Rings Seals, Static Axial, Without Back-up Rings; AS4832 Gland Design, Custom Compression Type Seals;

Our extensive range of high quality products which are utilised within this precision industry include the following gasket materials:

Silicone Rubber Compound Low Temperature, Low Smoke, Low Toxicity formulations
Flurosilicone Rubber Compounds - Low Temperature, Low Smoke, Low Toxicity formulations
Silicone Sponge
RFI Conductive Silicone
Sorbothane Energy Absorbing Sheet and Parts for Low Level Vibration Issues
High Performance Nitrile for fuel oil applications
Graphite Laminate Material with or without Stainless Steel Reinforcement
Dupont® Viton® ETP-600S for extreme chemical and temperature applications
Virgin PTFE
Non Asbestos Fibre Jointing

Complementing the above materials we also offer the following sealing products:

Inflatable Seals
Vulcanised O Rings
Encapsulated O Rings
Oil Seals
Expansion Joints
Flexible Bellows
Braided Packing
Spiral Wounds

Reflecting the sensitive nature of the work we undertake within the Aerospace sector much of what we do is proprietary and consequentially confidential. The level of technical expertise within MacLellan Rubber and our supply chain partners is significant and enables us to undertake custom design work in a wide range of materials and service applications.

Our ambition is to exceed your expectations in solving and servicing your Sealing applications and delivering 100% conformance first time, every time.