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Water & Waste Water

Water & Waste Water

"Safeguarding public health and maintenance of infrastructure is crucial in delivering a secure supply of water as well as protecting the environment."

The Water and Wastewater industry`s supply pure water to consumers and process wastewater maintaining and improving processing plants, thousands of miles of pipeline and pumping stations across large geographical areas.

Safeguarding public health and maintenance of infrastructure is crucial in delivering a secure supply of water as well as protecting the environment. With greater regulation of water treatment processes, stringent standards and specifications for the materials and chemicals that can be used without affecting the quality of both drinking water and wastewater MacLellan Rubber offers outstanding sealing solutions that can be utilised across all aspects of the industry.

Many of our products are WRAS approved for potable water applications, others are designed for abrasion and chemical resistance required in wastewater processing with unique material formulations to meet the stringent regulations and technical requirements that are specific to this industry.

Our materials can also be certified to BS EN 681-1; KTW; DVGW; ACS; NSF / ANSI 61; USP CLASS VI; 3-A Sanitary Standards; and FDA Compliance.

MacLellan Rubber focuses on manufacturing all of its products within the European Union to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.

Our customers recognise the true cost of ownership when specifying our materials and sealing products understanding that lower cost imported alternatives will frequently fail prematurely and cost significantly more to put right or lead to contamination issues that can result in heavy fines from the regulatory authority.

MacLellan Rubber WRAS EPDM sheeting for manufacture of pipeline gaskets and seals for water industry plant and equipment is renowned for its high performance and consistent quality and despite lower cost imported materials is widely used by responsible suppliers to the industry.

Expansion Bellows for major processing plants and composite seals for desalination and filtration equipment is recognised across Europe.

Our extensive range of high quality products which are utilised within this hygiene critical industry include the following gasket materials:

1362 WRAS Approved EPDM
Q136 WRAS Approved EPDM
Q137 ACS Approved EPDM
1365 KTW Approved EPDM
1077 Abrasive Resistant Rubber