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Power Generation

Power Generation
"Generation of power is only the starting point of a complex industrial activity that is essential to all economies."

The Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Industry faces many challenges to comply with the Health & Safety demands across multiple production activities from the burning of Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Generators to Renewables both on and offshore.

Generation of power is only the starting point of a complex industrial activity that is essential to all economies. Power distribution through overhead power lines, transformers and underground cabling across hundreds of miles and to millions of homes and businesses is fundamental to keeping the economy productive, hospitals working, shop lights on and homes warm.

Ensuring safety of the production plant is combined with environmental demands to reduce carbon emissions, noise pollution with downstream obligations to maintain local equipment to keep both employees and the public safe from catastrophic plant failures. All of this balanced with the need to maximise plant utilisation to minimise the cost of generation in a competitive and heavily regulated commercial market.

MacLellan Rubber has been an innovator within the Power Generation market for over sixty years and our products and materials are used in every power generation plant in the UK and many more across the world. In many cases our products are specified for critical applications and offer unique benefits that come with decades of technical development and refinement. In other areas we offer high integrity products to the latest International Standards, manufactured within the European Union to guarantee compliance and complete traceability.

As well as gaskets and specialist sealing products for operational areas including Cooling Systems, Pumps, Valves, Boilers, Generators, Turbines and Combustion Systems we supply Flexible Pipe Connectors, Outflow Expansion Joints (up to 3mtr diameter), MacMount Transformer Anti-Vibration pads, and high load movement joints. Safety critical products for operational and maintenance personnel include insulation matting to BS EN 61111 Class 0 through to 4 (replaces BS921) and ASTM D178 Class 2, Electrical Shrouding to ASTM F2320 Class 00, Class 0 and Class 1.

Our extensive range of high quality products which are utilised within this hygiene critical industry include the following gasket materials:

MacMount 362 - Transformer Anti-Vibration and Noise Attenuation Pads
Moulded Expansion Bellows(up to 3mtr diameter)
High Temperature Fabric Expansion Joints and Sleeves
Stainless Steel Reinforced Tanged Graphite and Plain
Glass / Aramid Fibre Non Asbestos Jointing
0204 Movement Joints to BS EN 1337-3 plain or with metal reinforcement
1300 High Temperature EPDM for boiler gaskets, door joints and hand holes.
Q610 BS EN 61111 Class 0 Electrical Insulation Matting (Class 1,2, 3 and 4 also available)
Insulation Shroud Sheeting to ASTMF2320 Class 00 Type 2 (Class 0, 1 and 2 also available)

Complementing the above materials and technical products we also offer the following sealing products:

Gaskets manufactured from all of the above - using the latest cutting technology we can import CAD data and knife cut, waterjet cut or laser cut gaskets in Rubber, Non Asbestos Fibre, PTFE, Metals,
Heat Exchanger Gaskets Double Jacketed, Corrugated and solid (available in a wide range of materials)
Spiral Wound Gaskets Available in a variety of materials and winding fillers with inner and outer rings
Inflatable Seals pneumatically inflated to deliver high integrity sealing in a variety of environments and for aggressive media.
O-Rings in all sizes and standards
Vulc O-Rings bespoke high integrity, high precision O Rings to suit non-standard sizes and applications
Encapsulated O-Rings
Oil Seals - Shaft Seals Lip Seals in all sizes and standards or to your own design
Braided Packing A range of products ..
Valve Packing - A range of materials with a wide performance capability including Ultra Low Emissions, Low Friction, High Temperature and extended service life

Combining our product expertise with a commitment to deliver world class, high performance materials and products that are environmentally safe, to a diverse industry that is essential to the success of our economy, MacLellan Rubber delivers solutions that improve productivity and comply with increasingly stringent regulations and overall reduce costs through improved reliability.