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Spill Control

MacLellan Rubber uses its experience and expertise together with Industry Partners, to provide Technical Solutions on your Projects, involving Polymers and/or Sealing Products, including but not limited to Spill Control.

Pollution control Pads that are simple to use, quick and easy to retrieve and easily disposed of.
High Absorbency pads specifically for use on top of Container Drums.
Pollution control Rolls in a range of sizes, quick and easy to use and easily disposed of.
Designed for use on major spills under machinery, in sumps and bilges and during maintenance works.
Designed to absorb and stop the spread of spills both on site and offshore.
Ideal for wide area clean up, in a variety of polymer types and styles


A range of emergency response kits enabling you to handle any type of spill.


Single and multi use drain covers provide instant security for on-site drainage systems.

Pollution Spill Control products are manufactured from high quality, high strength materials that are designed to offer High Absorbency and Retention of media. The fast absorbing action reduces clean up time of Oil, Chemical and General Liquid spills ensuring your company meets its Environmental obligations and compliance with ISO14001 accreditation.

Products are colour coded to ensure you use the correct absorbent for the spilt media and come in a range of sizes and pack quantities to deal with large or small spills in a quick and efficient manner.