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General Purpose Matting

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General Purpose Matting

MacLellan’s General Purpose Matting range incorporates products suitable for internal and external environments and for a range commercial and more heavy duty applications.

Our General Purpose Mattings are chosen for their ease of installation and aesthetics features, and in certain cases for durability.

MacLellan’s General Purpose Mattings are used to provide anti-slip and trip surfaces for industrial and public users, improve the image of the area in which they are laid, as well as protect sub-surfaces from long term or permanent damage associated with foot traffic, storage of products and similar light duty applications. Our General Purpose Matting is often to be found at launch events when weather conditions render the red carpet ineffective.

General Purpose Mattings are cover a variety of surface textures to suit the application or client style preference – these include but are not limited to Fine Ribbed; Button, Bubble or Penney; Checker Plate, Diamond Plate and Five Bar; Pyramid; Contoured and Open Grid.

Typically supplied in Rolls of 10 Metre lengths, these can be easily cut to length to suit your installation.

General Purpose Mattings are normally stocked in black but can be supplied in other colours subject to minimum production quantities.

MacLellan Rubber offer a site survey to identify your needs and make
appropriate recommendations based on your requirements.

View all our General Purpose Matting Products

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