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Modular Rubber Floor Tiles

Modular Rubber Floor Tiles

MacLellan Rubber supply modular floor tiles in both Rubber and PVC (recycled and virgin) offering many unique features to suit challenging applications and environments.

Our modular tile systems are widely used in industrial and heavy duty applications to provide an anti-fatigue, non-slip surface as well as protection for the subsurface.  Many of our modular tile systems have mechanical connecting systems that enhance the durability and strength of the product.

Modular Tiles are easy to transport to site on pallets, quick to install and configure to the design area, and easy to uplift and replace or transport to a new location if required.  All of products have either a locatable high visibility ramped edge or a pre-moulded ramped edge to eliminate trip hazards.

Our most popular modular systems are our Checker Tile with a dovetail connection and our Honeycomb Tile with a mechanical connecting system.  Both are manufactured from recycled PVC, are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents as well as UV and weathering.  Both are produced in 500mm square tiles.

Rubber tiles are typically 1000mm square and come in a range of compounds and surface finishes to suit your applications. The range includes NBR oil resistant grades for machine workshops, anti-microbial grades for food environments, anti-static and static dissipative grades for electrical sensitive applications.

While these tiles are primarily used for their anti-fatigue benefits to standing workers they also deliver many safety benefits including non-slip surface testing to BS EN 7118, Flame Resistance to BS EN 11925 and Critical Fall testing to BS EN 1177.

Typical applications include Anti-fatigue matting on assembly lines and at work stations; Non Slip pathways on construction sites and in arenas; Temporary car parking surfaces; Sub-surface protection on refurbishment projects.

7601 Checker Plate/Button Modular PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles
Ergodeck ® Modular PVC Durable Flooring Tile System

Ergodeck ® Modular PVC Durable Flooring Tile System