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Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-Fatigue Matting

MacLellan’s Anti-Fatigue Matting products are designed for use in almost every environment from offshore oil and gas platforms, to hospitals and food processing plants, and assembly and fulfilment areas.

Anti-fatigue Mattings are designed to protect the standing worker not only from slips, trips and falls but more importantly to reduce the risk of back pain and muscle aches that can quickly arise from standing for long periods on hard floors. Risks that ultimately affect productivity, impact on time lost and cost companies money.

Our Anti-Fatigue Mattings are available in multiple formats which include Modular Tiles, Stand Alone Mats and Rolls. Some are available in more than one format.

The materials used in the manufacture of our Anti-Fatigue mattings are tested to international standards of flammability – MVSS 302; Abrasion Resistance – ASTM D 3884, and Slip Resistance – ASTM F1677 Wet and Dry. For food and hospital environments we offer antimicrobial options certified to USP 797, ASTM G21-96 or ASTM G21-13, and a specific autoclavable mat for sterile environments.

Surface finishes will vary depending upon the application, environment and customer preference the most common being Fine Ribbed, Checker Plate and Smooth. Other surface finishes include Button, 5 Bar, Open Grid, Honeycomb, Pyramid and Patterned.

The most widely used Anti-Fatigue Mattings are dual layer, where a durable top surface is bonded to a sponge foundation. The sponge foundation provides a rebound surface that ensure the individual is flexing muscles and avoiding strain, whilst the durable top surface provides a working surface suitable to the environment.

Anti-Fatigue Matting is manufactured as Rolls in standard widths from 914mm (3ft), 1000mm and 1220mm (4ft), as stand-alone mats for work stations, and modular tiles to suit your defined work area.

MacLellan Rubber offer a site survey to identify your needs and make appropriate recommendations based on your requirements.

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