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Environmentally sensitive operating conditions present unique challenges for companies supplying into the Electronics Industry where exacting product performance criteria need to be met with high purity materials to defined standards.

MacLellan Rubber Polymer materials and Sealing products for the Electronics Industry have been developed to perform to exacting standards that give repeatability to volume production applications as well as small specialty technical products.

MacLellan Sheet Rubber and Polymer materials are used by converters to supply finished products to global white goods and electrical product manufacturers and are recognised for their consistent quality and exceptional performance. At the other end of the manufacturing spectrum we provide small batch production of bespoke materials, seal and gaskets for specialist, world leading electronic applications involving RFI and EMI Shielding, Static Dissipation, Flame Resistant and Electrically Insulative.

Purity and consistency of material performance are essential for applications involving the manufacture of highly sensitive products such as Photocells, Solar Panels, and Microchips. MacLellans specialist premium materials for these industrial sectors include Silicone, Viton, HNBR, Flame Retardant Neoprene and EPDM, Virgin and Modified PTFE, and Plastics Sheet. All are manufactured in Europe to exacting standards and quality controls.

Typical applications for these materials include O-Rings, encapsulated O-Rings, Diaphragms; Hydraulic Seals, Extrusions for Enclosures, Bushes and Bearings. Where required we offer clean room assembly and packaging or kitting for gaskets and seals.

Our extensive range of high quality products which are utilised within this performance critical industry include the following gasket materials:

SW60 White Silicone
SR60 Red Silicone
ST60 Translucent Silicone
Blue Silicone
Q853 ISO 340 & NCB158 Anti-Static and Low Smoke Rubber sheeting

Complementing the above materials we also offer the following sealing products:

Vulc O-Rings
Encapsulated O-Rings
Oil Seals
Inflatable Seals
Rubber Mouldings
Extruded Tubing and Profiled Sections

As a supplier of highly engineered safety critical Technical Sealing Materials and Products we offer a high level of engineering support to ensure that the right material option is selected for the application. We engage with our customers in a variety of ways, from onsite technical support and advice to product training and installation. Our expertise in engineering solutions that are practical, effective and efficient is widely recognised by our customers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia- our supply relationships encompass onsite stock holding, same day deliveries and rapid manufacture of seals.

MacLellan Rubber continues to invest in the development of new materials and sealing solutions and partners with world class businesses around the globe to offer innovative solutions.