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MacLellan Rubber Blog

Maclellan 7601 matting system

16 Nov 2022 | Posted by Andrew Onions
At MacLellan Rubber we are often asked to demonstrate how our 7601 modular flooring system goes together in both the button and checker finishes, so we have taken the opportunity to showcase the...

Why Use Rubber Matting?

12 Jul 2021 | Posted by Andrew Onions
Rubber Flooring or Rubber Matting can be designed to be used in many industrial, marine, transport and engineering environments, meeting a variety of technical requirements and technical standards. Rubber matting is manufactured from different polymers with various surface patterns and can be supplied as rubber floor tiles, rubber floor mats and rubber flooring rolls.

Snow Matting from MacLellan Rubber

05 Feb 2021 | Posted by Andrew Onions
As much of the UK is once again bracing itself for further snowfall in the coming days, this is the ideal time to ensure you are ready with MacMat-Snow tiles from MacLellan rubberMade from recycled...

Electrical Safety Rubber Matting

08 Dec 2020 | Posted by Andrew Onions

Electrical safety matting is a vital part of electrical safety around high voltage equipment such as a switchboard, but also on low and medium voltage equipment in plant rooms.  It is also an essential part of portable protection for site engineers working on live equipment.


Why they needed so much of MacLellan's ASTM D178 Material

11 Jan 2018 | Posted by Sharon Kendal
It's fascinating to watch this time-lapse video of the assembly of HMS Prince of Wales, the second of the new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers to be built in the UK.

Treat your Horse to our stable matting for the winter

12 Nov 2013 | Posted by Andrew Onions
Although looking at todays weather here in Wolverhampton you would be forgiven to thinking that the the winter is months away, however this makes it an ideal time to clean out your stables ready for the winter and treat your horses to our MacLellan Rubber stable matting.

Unimat give away

11 Nov 2013 | Posted by Andrew Onions
The team at MacLellan’s are so pleased with the performance of the UNI-mat we have around our site in Wolverhampton, that we would like our customers to try one for FREE!!

Protect your walkways & Grassed areas

26 Oct 2013 | Posted by Andrew Onions
With storm warnings being the order of the day, it appears that we have officially reached the start of some heavy rainfall and winter weather!

BS921 Electrical Rubber Safety Matting RIP?

14 Sep 2012 | Posted by Andrew Onions
I was a bit shocked (pardon the pun) to find out that the Electical Rubber Safety Matting standard for BS921 was being considered for withdrawal.