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Why they needed so much of MacLellan's ASTM D178 Material

11 Jan 2018 | Posted by Sharon Kendal

It's fascinating to watch this time-lapse video of the assembly of HMS Prince of Wales, the second of the new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers to be built in the UK and assembled at Rosyth:

MacLellan Rubber is proud to be a supplier of Polymer materials and product to the Ministry of Defence and subcontractors involved in the build programme and can now see where all of the safety matting, especially our ASTM D178 Electrical Insulation matting, and Pipe Support Seals are being used.

Our Safety Mattings and High Grade Polymer materials are used in applications across a wide range of commercial and military platforms on land, sea and air, such as hatch seals and high pressure gaskets, anti-vibration mounts and fuel tank lining, through to electrical isolation and non-slip safety matting; encompassing global material specifications new and old including, but not limited to, British Standards (BS), American Standard Test Method (ASTM), Defence Standardisation (DStan), De Havilland Material Specification (DHMS), Directorate of Technical Development (DTD), Naval Engineering Standards (NES) and many more.

MacLellan Rubber work with commercial supply teams on long term contracts and technical design teams on new programmes, developing solutions that work for your requirements rather than offering a fixed product profile.

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