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Why The Food Processing Industry Should Require Sealing Suppliers To Use Independently Certified EU1935 Tested Materials

05 Jun 2019 | Posted by Andrew Onions
The food processing industry is global in scope and subject to a number of international compliance standards, including those for control of supply chain, product processing and packaging. Whilst...

M & Y Values in Gasket Design

18 Apr 2019 | Posted by Andrew Onions
MacLellan Rubber offer advice and information on M & Y Values in Gasket Design, that are required by design engineers to ensure flange integrity and successful installation.

Material of the Week - Nitrile

15 May 2018 | Posted by Sharon Kendal
This week George discusses Nitrile rubber and the various thicknesses and grades available in his Material of the Week blog post. 

Producing Technically Challenging Rubber Mouldings

10 May 2018 | Posted by Sharon Kendal
We're well known for supplying high quality and technically superior rubber sheet, but did you know we can produce challenging rubber mouldings?

Material of the Week - Media Compatibility Tool

29 Apr 2018 | Posted by Sharon Kendal
George's third blog in his Material of the Week series takes a break from discussing polymers and highlights our online Media Compatibility Tool. 

Customer Service WOW! vs Customer Service Woe

28 Jul 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions
Like most people I ritually delete my junk mail without looking at it. On occasions it is pointed out to me that I have deleted an important email or invitation that just happened to fall foul of...

Case Study: Anti-Fatigue matting

28 Jan 2014 | Posted by Suhash Roy
In order to fully demonstrate the positive effects and benefits that anti fatigue matting does bring we have recently put our range through its paces at a local gasket cutting company.

Ask George at Christmas

05 Dec 2013 | Posted by Andrew Onions
We’re all getting well into the Christmas spirit here at MacLellan rubber, none more so than our mascot & founder George MacLellan who has taken to commenting on a number of Christmas facts and a little witty banter via our website search engine aptly named "ask George"

December Prize Draw

02 Dec 2013 | Posted by Andrew Onions
Yes it’s that time again… as we are fast approaching the festive season and due to the unprecedented success of last years “Mac-Tastic” iPad give away, the team at MacLellans have decided to double up this year and offer not one but two fantastic prizes…