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Food Grade Metal Detectable Rubber Sheet - It’s all about Migration and Dispersion and Testing

16 Jul 2019 | Posted by Andrew Onions
Ensuring your material is properly produced and tested to recognised standards is the only decision you need to make when choosing a supplier of Metal Detectable materials.  Too many companies promise much and deliver little with regards valid certification.  

Why The Food Processing Industry Should Require Sealing Suppliers To Use Independently Certified EU1935 Tested Materials

05 Jun 2019 | Posted by Andrew Onions
The food processing industry is global in scope and subject to a number of international compliance standards, including those for control of supply chain, product processing and packaging. Whilst...

M & Y Values in Gasket Design

18 Apr 2019 | Posted by Andrew Onions
MacLellan Rubber offer advice and information on M & Y Values in Gasket Design, that are required by design engineers to ensure flange integrity and successful installation.

Imitation Cheese

25 Sep 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions


Innovations Ahead of Their Time - Success is Hard Won

06 Aug 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions
As highlighted in my previous blog, MacLellan Rubber employees have never been short of ideas, sometimes they have been short of common sense, but then who is to know if the next idea will be the...

Customer Service WOW! vs Customer Service Woe

28 Jul 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions
Like most people I ritually delete my junk mail without looking at it. On occasions it is pointed out to me that I have deleted an important email or invitation that just happened to fall foul of...