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Imitation Cheese

25 Sep 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions


Innovations Ahead of Their Time - Success is Hard Won

06 Aug 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions
As highlighted in my previous blog, MacLellan Rubber employees have never been short of ideas, sometimes they have been short of common sense, but then who is to know if the next idea will be the...

Customer Service WOW! vs Customer Service Woe

28 Jul 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions
Like most people I ritually delete my junk mail without looking at it. On occasions it is pointed out to me that I have deleted an important email or invitation that just happened to fall foul of...

Sun, Sea and the Glorious Smell of Warm Rubber

25 Mar 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions
A look back at how MacLellan Rubber at one point was a manufacturer of Rubberised Inflatable "Lilo" type products.

The Right Fluorocarbon from the right suppler

03 Feb 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions
When MacLellan Rubber introduced it Commercial FKM (MacLellan V075) in 2012 we had high expectations we knew we had a good quality product that competed favourably with Viton A, and could offer it...