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FoodSafe also means no Animal Derived Ingredients: avoid the dangers of inaccurate labelling

08 Feb 2018 | Posted by Sharon Kendal

As a leading innovator of Polymer materials, MacLellan Rubber's commitment to ensuring our FoodSafe products are made to the highest standards goes beyond meeting the requirements of EU1935/2004 or FDA 21 CFR Part 177. Our commitment goes beyond the elimination of Nitrosamines from the production process to make our materials less carcinogenic than imported competitor qualities. Our commitment to making sure our FoodSafe materials are the best they can be extends to managing the traceability of material ingredients and process aids to ensure that no Animal Derived Ingredients (ADI) are included.

ADI Free

Our Natural, Nitrile and EPDM Rubber sheet materials are ideal for Cosmetics manufacturers who are conscious of market demands not to include, or have the potential to include, any ADI's. Our range of Rubber sheet materials are aimed at Food manufacturers targeting the Vegetarian and Vegan markets, where the risk of any leaching or migration of ADI contaminants from gaskets and seals in the production process is unacceptable.

It is widely accepted that ADI's can cause the transfer of diseases and should therefore be avoided in products that may come into contact with products that are intended for human consumption or in contact with human skin.

Inaccurate Labelling

Ensuring that you avoid the dangers of Inaccurate Labelling or Misrepresented production standards can be achieved by working with a respected manufacturer offering full batch traceability through to individual constituent compounds, independently verified testing and full batch certification and test results.

MacLellan Rubber delivers on all these requirements as standard, giving our customers confidence that wherever they use our sealing and gasket materials in their production process, they are exceeding their Hazard and Critical Point (HACCP) safety protocols.

For more information about our range of ADI-free FoodGrade Rubber sheeting materials, call 01902 307711 or visit our product pages: