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Why are we blogging about Rubber ?

04 May 2012 | Posted by Andrew Onions

When the discussion with our Website Partners moved on to Blogging I have got to admit there were a lot of puzzled and confused faces in the office. The first question that cropped up were extremely obvious:- * What the "Blog" do we Blog about ? * Who the "Blog" will read it ? * How the "Blog" will it help us ? Well one answer to the last question, blogging will help us with our Search Engine Optomisation programme and this will help our customer base find us easier. However after much thought and deliberation we hope the blog will do more than this. The Blog will allow us to talk more informally about our Products and some of the challenges of the Rubber Industry, we can hopefully spark some constructive debate with our Customers as well as passing on tips, advice or just generally keeping you all up to date with developments in the industry. We are looking forward to using this new media, to keep our customer base up to date with the world of rubber and invite comment on the subject matter from our Website Users. When commenting on our Blog entries, you do not have to agree with us all of the time. We do ask that you make your comments constructive and Clean! We hope to be able to use these comments to better understand our customer`s requirements and improve our own service and products. We hope that the "MacLellan Rubber Blog" will become a useful, informative and regular read! Please note that all of our Blog Entries are the "Ramblings" of the individual contributors and opinions or views expressed are not necessarily those of the company MacLellan Rubber Ltd. l