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Nothing Better to do than just Stand Around?

30 Jul 2012 | Posted by Andrew Onions

Apparently we are all doomed, so no doubt we will all be doing a lot of standing around staring into the distance, wistfully thinking of those halcyon days when life was easier, summer meant sunshine for more than four days at a time; you could drive and park in London without having to have pay a congestion charge or make way for Olympic pseudo dignitaries (dont know if I am allowed to use the word Olympic, is it copyright protected?); and keeping fit meant walking to the pub for a few pints. Not to worry though, because standing around although not ideal, is getting a whole lot more comfortable with the ever increasing range of Rubber Matting and PVC Matting products we are bringing to the market. MacLellan Rubber has always offered Electrical Insulation Rubber Matting from BS921and IEC61111 to the more exotic ASTM D178 and MIL-R- , all of which you would want to be standing on if you are hoping to survive an electrical discharge up to 50,000 volts. We have also always maintained stocks of the standard Fine Flute Rubber Matting and Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting despite the desperately low prices it now trades for. What is getting us excited is not the fact that we continue to increase our sales for these core products, but with the onset of increased demands for Health & Safety compliance and the market pressures placed on service and equipment suppliers to innovate and differentiate, MacLellan Rubber are able to meet these needs and are working hard to be at the forefront of changes too. We have steadily increased the core range of Rubber Matting products to include Checker Plate and Penny Matting, and whilst it would appear that Black is in fact the new, old and probably future Black, we are increasingly asked for Red, Blue, Green and Grey all of which are now stocked to varying degrees. The Modular Matting introduced earlier this year has already found its way into a venue in east London which I darent mention again for fear of being locked up in the Tower of London (is that another copyright phrase?) by angry pseudo dignitaries, and is finding interest in offshore applications (again darent mention the company but you find them laying on the seashore, not pebbles!), and increasingly in Anti-Fatigue and Health & Safety applications. So whats next you are no doubt all pleading to be told? How can Rubber Matting possibly be even more exciting you ask? Well theres no need to stand around looking wistful, worrying about the strain its causing your back and legs; double checking if there is a trip hazard and potential claim initiated by a dubious no win no fee service provider, the next phase in MacLellan Rubber Matting products is just around the corner and it ticks all of the boxes. We are working to deliver a comprehensive range of Rubber Matting products for use in Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Technology and Commercial environments. Anti-Fatigue; Cushion Backed; Oil Resistant; ESD; Anti-bacterial; Chemical Resistant; Fire Resistant; Ergonomic; does anyone feel a song coming on? No? Keep a look out for the e-shot announcements; updates on the website and more importantly next blog.