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2000 Elastomer Formulations, including Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Butyl, and more

Non-Asbestos Fibre, Graphite, PTFE suitable in a range of demanding applications

Expanded Rubber and Plastics provide a lightweight solution in many applications

Sheets of Steel, Inconel, Hastalloy, Titanium and more for Gaskets and Seals.

High Abrasive Polymer for use in wear resistant applications including Gaskets, Scraper Blades...

Including, Polyurethane, PVC, Nylon, UHMPE, Acetal, Polypropylene and more

Single and multi-layered fabrics coated with a wide variety of elastomers.

Cork Granules Bound together by a number of varying binders, including Neoprene, Polyurethane, NBR