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Braided Packings

Braided Packings

Valve Packing Sets

Pre-Manufactured packing sets to your size and Specification.

Valve & Pump Packings

Provides a seal around a shaft or spindle to prevent the escape of fluids or gas
Braided Packings also known as Compression Packing or Gland Packing these products are braided from high performance natural and synthetic materials to achieve a variety of performance characteristics, these would include Chemical and Wear resistance, Low Gas Permeability and Food Safe.

Braided Packing are manufactured to work in wide ranging environments and applications from Food and Drinking Water to Petrochemicals, Fugitive Emissions and Nuclear.

Manufactured as either a Cross Plait, Solid Plait, Seam Plait or Twist our solutions are suitable for temperatures up to 500°C and pressures in excess of 500 bar (not simultaneously)