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White Paper: Nitrosamines - Analysis for Extractables and Leachables (RSSL)

29 Jan 2018 | Posted by Sharon Kendal


Nitrosamines are potentially carcinogenic compounds and occur in many products such as rubber seals, which are used within production processes in Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical sectors. Due to the risk of Nitrosamines contaminating products, MacLellan Rubber have developed Nitrosamine-free Food Safe EU1935 polymers. Read our latest Nitrosamine-free press release.


RSSL, a leading scientific analysis consultancy, are sharing a white paper on Nitrosamines: Analysis for Extractables & Leachables. This article discusses the risk posed by Nitrosamines in gaskets and seals used in the Food and Cosmetics industries and how technology is developing to detect levels. Download the white paper.