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Meeting Your Delivery Demands Raising Your Expectations

21 May 2014 | Posted by Andrew Onions

There are many challenges we have to overcome as a business when trying to convince new customers that they should place their work with us. The common areas of concern involve quality, availability, and response times - nothing that any of us would deem surprising. The demand for the best quality Rubber Sheeting & Rubber Mattting at the lowest price is almost a given expectation. The demand for specification quality at commercial prices is not uncommon. The issue that does come up more regularly than you might think when trying to win over a customer, and the one that forces me to suppress a smile, and put my serious face on is Delivery Times. I have lost count of the number of occasions when I have been told that the current supplier has a vehicle in the area every week; can divert their van and deliver next day if we order today; and even it doesn't cost me anything how can we possibly compete!!! My answer is short and simple - We can compete very well thank you. MacLellan Rubber do not run a fleet of their own delivery vehicles but in reality neither do any of our competitors - and I can state categorically that we have no intention of going down this route. We have something much better than a small number of vans that go to one area a day vans that can be out of use for minor faults and off the road for servicing, breakdowns or driver absence. Our delivery partners are TNT and Pallex, two of the biggest delivery companies in the UK, Europe and possibly the World, through whom we have access to several thousand delivery vehicles, Planes, Motorbikes and if necessary Helicopters. Not only do we have a massive fleet of delivery vehicles at our disposal, we can deliver to every County, City, Town, Area, Street and Premises Every Day and if necessary Twice a Day Next Day delivery is standard for most of the UK - If you need a same day delivery we can do that too. How much does it cost? Well in our experience it costs less than running your own vans. Do we charge? For regular customers normally not but there are exceptions and if its appropriate then we will discuss possible costs with you before you place your order. We know our customers are smart and we know they are sophisticated enough to see through sales hype we know that there will be the occasional problem no matter how well organised we are but we also know that shipping Rubber Sheeting around the UK and Europe is a specialist skill and we work with the best to give you the best service.