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Innovation is Not Always for The Best

28 Jul 2015 | Posted by Sharon Kendal

MacLellan Rubber have a long history of bringing new products to the market, some inspired, some completely mad. So we thought you may be interested in what MacLellan Rubber were up to in the halcyon yester years .
Imagine if you will a dark room in a processing mill in Glasgow 1940. The war will be over by Christmas. Carbon black fills the air and steam obscures the room, Eureka someone shouts, this is the one that will make us millionaires, and turning to a colleague they show them

The Ground Sheet Cape We are assuming this was a product aimed at the military. Ive tried to understand why anyone thought this was a good idea, let alone be convinced to take out a patent.
But lets not dwell on this because greater, more aspirational and heart-warming ideas would follow, although this one took another ten years and possibly came from the same trauma ridden mind.

The Rubber Overshoe / Boot What you are thinking is WHY!! What you are not thinking is Thats a Million Dollar Product.
Despite going to the cost of taking out patent protection, as far as we know these products didnt make it off of the drawing board. If anyone knows better we would love to hear from you.
If you are now thinking I wish there were more of these inspirational ideas, dont worry, there will be new updates once we stop laughing ourselves.