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Demand High Quality Rubber Sheeting with Full Traceability

04 Jun 2018 | Posted by Sharon Kendal
For engineers, selecting the right material for the application should be simple. Summarise the operating criteria and select the right material grade based on performance against the media, temperature, and pressure - all good to go.  Or maybe not.

What if the material data sheet that you have from your supplier is overstating the performance limits of the material?

What if the base compound is a poor quality mix rather than a quality controlled fully traceable formulation from a globally recognised manufacturer? 

What if the test methods have been modified to suggest a better performance than would be stated using standard test procedures?  

What if the material isn't actually the material type stated?

Investigating Poor Performance Rubber Sheeting

MacLellan Rubber work with many businesses in many different industries and we are often asked to provide technical support when things go wrong with gaskets and seals manufactured using other suppliers' Rubber Sheet materials that, under investigation and independent testing, raise some or all of the above questions.

Whatever the reason, providing poor performing material doesn't end with providing working replacements; the loss of reputation and future business can be a significantly higher cost. 

Product Traceability & Recognised Test Standards for European Manufactured Materials

At MacLellan Rubber we provide clear information and high quality fully traceable European manufactured materials for high performance applications. We work closely with our supply chain to ensure we delivery peace of mind to all of our customers.

Our data sheets are realistic in the values we declare and are undertaken to consistent and recognised test standards, giving a margin of safety to the end user.  Where operating parameters are pushing these limits, we provide honest and unbiased technical support and will not simply tell customers what they want to hear.  

For professional rubber sheeting technical support contact our sales team on 01902 30 77 11