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The Right Fluorocarbon from the right suppler

03 Feb 2015 | Posted by Andrew Onions

When MacLellan Rubber introduced it Commercial FKM (MacLellan V075) in 2012 we had high expectations we knew we had a good quality product that competed favourably with Viton A, and could offer it at a good price in the current market. What was unexpected and unprecedented was the uptake in this material by Gasket Cutters at home and abroad. Such was the success of the material that demand far out reached supply, so we wanted to thank all of those customers who have been patiently waiting to access this material.

We also wanted to let all of our customers know that we have addressed this problem and are now carrying larger stocks which we hope will enable us to support the increasing demand. However we recognise that there is still a large demand from many customers for Genuine Viton A (MacLellan A075) material and we wanted to ensure everyone knows that we do stock this and can offer competitive pricing for small and large quantities alike. For non-standard grades such as Viton B and compounds with Insertion we can offer rapid manufacture in either moulded sheet or roll form. Success comes from listening to your customers we believe that we have listened and acted accordingly and we look forward to working with more of you in the future.