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No Substitute for Quality

25 Jun 2018 | Posted by Sharon Kendal

Andrew Onions, director at MacLellan Rubber, explains why Quality is so important to us.

MacLellan Rubber is certified to ISO9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 certified

As one of around 80,000 companies in the UK certified to BS EN ISO 9001 and having successfully completed a re-audit to the latest 2015 standard, we believe accreditation by a UKAS certified body gives our customers confidence in our products and service.

Confidence is a valuable commodity that we hold in high regard; it opens doors that might otherwise remain shut, helps us clear pre-audit hurdles that might otherwise be insurmountable and, having reviewed and improved our operations, it makes us more efficient in what we do.

UKAS Accredited Quality Management System

We know the benefits and have reaped the rewards, so you can imagine our frustration when competing for work in critical industries and on government contracts when we come across businesses that either have no Quality Management System (QMS) or provide a supposedly valid accreditation from a third party assessor with no links to UKAS or any other certified body. It is often the case that these companies will be excluded further down the supply approval process, if it is robust enough. However, this has normally cost valuable time and resource by all associated parties that can never be recovered.

We are strict in our own supply chain and consider anyone who uses a non-accredited assessor as simply using a tick box exercise to save cost and gain access to business opportunities through misrepresentation of quality credentials.

Ensuring our sub-suppliers operate and actively manage their ISO9001 QMS' through regular reviews and site audits, where appropriate, improves our working relationship and appreciation of getting the best product to market. If our suppliers are proficient then we are confident and can transmit this throughout the supply chain.

The way for all of us to overcome risk and avoid wasting time and resource is to use companies with a QMS from a certification body that has been accredited by UKAS.

MacLellan Rubber supply a diverse range of technical Rubber Sheeting and products for most industries. All of our products are fully traceable and, in many cases, independently certified compliant to the appropriate standards.

We aim to do it right first time, every time.