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Using the Right Viton™ in the Right Application

26 Jan 2018 | Posted by Sharon Kendal

Viton™ is globally recognised as a superior sealing material, but often the standard product Viton™ A is mistakenly referenced for many applications where it is not entirely suitable with the resulting failure then put down to poor quality of supply.

Viton™ comes in a range of Standard and Speciality grades that have been developed over many years; adapted to accommodate increasingly sophisticated and aggressive chemical compositions and arduous operating environments in Aerospace and Oil Exploration; and even such straightforward areas as high pressures water and steam.

End-Use Performance Capabilities of Viton™

The types differ primarily in the end-use performance of parts made from Viton™. Each differs in its ability to resist permeation and volume increase, and resist attack and property degradation caused by the chemicals and fluids.

The end-use performance capabilities of the various types of Viton™ differ primarily in terms of these three factors:

  1. Resistance to amines or caustics
  2. Resistance to hydrocarbon fluids
  3. Flexibility at low temperature (ability to maintain a seal at low temperature

The latest types of Viton™ are made with Advanced Polymer Architecture (APA) referenced with an 'S' in the coding. These compounds offer improved processing characteristics such as flow, cure and mould release without sacrificing end-use performance.

APA is a unique, proprietary advance in fluoroelastomer technology exclusive to Chemours. Viton™ types made with APA exhibit better end-use properties and improved processing through the control of molecular weight distribution, polymer chain branching, and innovative cure sites monomers.

Viton™ Grade and Principle Applications

General purpose sealing: Automotive, Aerospace fuels and lubricants

B, GBL-S: 
Chemical Processing, Power Utilities: Seals and Gaskets

Oxygenated automotive fuels, concentrated aqueous inorganic acids, water and steam

Oil Exploration / Production, Special sealing requirements for harsh environments.

Note: There are multiple sub-grades and formulations for different processing methods and operating parameters within each defined group.

As Chemours Partners, MacLellan Rubber offer technical advice and support in guiding you through the selection process and we work with Chemours to ensure the advice we offer is accurate and up todate, safeguarding your products and your reputation.

Call our expert Technical Team on 01902 30 77 11 for help selecting the right Viton™ type for your applications.