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0796 BS2751 BA90 (90SHore) Specification Nitrile (NBR) Rubber Sheet

A 90° Shore Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubber (NBR) or as better known Nitrile Specification Rubber Sheet conforming to BS2751:2001 and for use in industries and/or applications where surety over the compound is required. Designed originally for Aerospace & Defence Industries.

Compression Set(22 Hours @ 70°C)
25 %
Elongation at Break
100 %
Highest Recommended Working Temperature
110 °C
Liquid Resistance - Volume Change 24 Hrs @ 40°C
-0+25 %
Lowest Recommended Working Temperature
-10 °C
Shore Hardness(IRHD)
90 ° Shore
Specific Gravity
1.32 g/cm3
Tensile Strength
12.5 MPA
Chemical Resistant
Oil Resistance
Tear Resistant
Made in European Union
REACH Compliant