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Increased Range of Flame Retardant Sheet Rubber Materials

17 Jun 2019

MacLellan Rubber continue to develop application critical materials and seek approvals to new industry standards especially in the area of Flame Retardancy.  Whilst some polymers which are chlorinated such as Neoprene have a natural flame retardancy, other polymers can often be made flame resistant through adding a flame inhibitor.  The effective ingredient for achieving this is constantly under review as REACH legislation expands the scope of restricted chemicals that are harmful to the environment.  

The risk of development and spread of fire in any environment is to be avoided but this is particularly critical in Transport, Mining, Petrochemical and Construction where the risk to human life and impact on the environment can be significantly higher.

As new test standards and performance requirements of the sealing materials used in these industries become more demanding, MacLellan is responding with technical solutions in a range of polymers targeted at specific applications and industries. These include:

  • Rail45 BS EN 45545 Flame Resistant & Anti-Static Neoprene for Railway Vehicles

    • Designed to Meet Stringent Fire Safety Regulations throughout the Rail Industry


  • NF-F16101 Flame Resistant Neoprene and EPDM Compound

    • Specific for French Railway Applications


  • BS EN 61111 Electrical and Flame Resistant SBR for Switchgear applications


  • ASTM F2320 / BS EN 6112 Electrical and Flame-Resistant Neoprene for protection of Live Line workers


  • UL94 VO Flame Resistant Neoprene and Silicone for applications in the Electronics Industry


  • DIN 5510-2 Flame Resistant EPDM

    • Specific for German Railway Applications


  • EN 14973 Flame Resistant and Anti Static Polymers for Mining Application


Silicone materials are available to meet standards such as ABD0031 (Airbus) UL94V0 (Vertical self-extinguishing) and FAR & JAR25.853(b) for Aircraft Interior use and BS6853, AFNOR for rail systems.    


MacLellan’s Flame Resistant materials are generally available in Rolls to suit the manufacture of gaskets, seals and strips.  We also provide uncured compound for the manufacture of moulding and extrusions to customer requirements.

Materials are independently tested and certified to ensure compliance with the Flame Resistant standard and full bath traceability can be provided as required.
Increased Range of Flame Retardant Sheet Rubber Materials