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HT800 Medium Cellular Silicone

A versatile medium firmness silicone that offers the lightness of a foam with the enhanced sealing capabilities of a traditional sponge rubber. Use in Electronics Enclosures in outside environments for protection against wind, rain and fire.

Meets Global Standards including AMS3195 and FAR 25.853.

Compression Set - Test D at 100°C
<5 %
Compression Set - Test D at 70°C
<1 %
Compression Stress/Strain - 25%
62 Kpa
352 Kg/m3
Elongation at Break
80 %
Flame Spread Index(ls)
Smoke Density(Ds) @ 4 Minutes
Smoke Density(Ds) @ 1.5 Minutes
Toxic Gas Emmissions
Flame Retardent
Water Resistant
Weather Resistance
REACH Compliant