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PVC Matting

PVC Modular Interlocking Tile System that is extremely versatile for a number of applications.

Ideal Flooring Solution for Garage Floors, Workshops, Warehouses, Car Parks, Gymnasiums, Utility Rooms and much much more.

These 500mm Square Tiles that lock together like a Jigsaw can be used in a variety of cofiguartions from simple squares to complex runners.

Tile Size = 500mm x 500mm x 14mm   Ramped Edges Available

Our Modular Interlocking Tile systems have been tested for use in Buildings. Click on the links below for certification


This Honeycomb Modular Tile is manufactured from recycled PVC and is an extremely versatile and economic Modular Flooring solution that can be used as an Anti-Fatigue Matting but can also be used for a entrance mats, grass mats or general purpose flooring.

Supplied in 500mm square tiles with ramped edges and corners this solution mechanically interlocks to form a robust and truly flexible surface covering that can be laid anywhere on either a permanent or temporary basis.

The material is Flame Resistant to BS EN 11925:2010 and the product is Non-Slip tested to BS EN 7188:1998 and Critical Fall Height Tested to BS EN 1177:2008  


A hard wearing lightweight open grid matting that is ideal for applications where areas are wet and slippery, or where you need to be able to remove and re-lay quickly for cleaning.

The PVC material is anti-microbial and anti-fungal and is resistant to most chemicals and cleaning agents.  


MacLellan  0352 Grade is a PVC Electrical Inuslative Switchboard Matting for use in Live Working Applications and Tested to ASTM D178-01 Type II Class 2. Manufactured in PVC this Corrugated/Fluted Matting is 6mm Thick with a Recommended Maximum Usage of up to 17000 Volts. 


The Ultimate Modular Flooring Tile System for both general purpose and Anti-Fatigue use.

Available in different polymers designed for comfort or durability, in an open and closed design, this tiling system is the choice for many environments.

Use in Warehouses, Factories, Assembly Lines and in any area that requires a professional finish with a product that will last.

This product is Silicone Free so is suitable for Paint Shops.

Tile size = 457mm x 457mm x 22mm  - Ramped Edges and Corners Available.


Our Diamond Plate PVC Antifatigue Runners are available with 3 options of Underlay.

* Urethane for Recycled and Economy
* Closed Cell PVC for Anti-fatigue 
* Nitricell ® fro Resilience and Oil Resistance

These runners are suitable for Short or Long Runs in Warehouses, Factories etc.


Elevate AFR is a high visibility matting designed specifically to perform in the highly regulated food processing and preparation industries.

Supplied in rolls 10mtr long x 91cm wide with easy snap
connectors to allow multiple rolls to be linked together to cover longer or wider areas.

Manufactured from a flexible animal fat resistant PVC
infused w/anti-microbial and anti-fungal additive so it is resistant to animal fats and oils. Designed with a 2.9cm x 1.9cm widely spaced grid which enables fluids and by-products to fall through while elevating employees above it.
Elevate AFR is up to 65% lighter than conventional rubber drainage mats so it is easy to install, clean, roll up and move.