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Elevate AFR FoodSafe Matting

Elevate AFR FoodSafe Matting

Elevate AFR is a high visibility matting designed specifically to perform in the highly regulated food processing and preparation industries.

Supplied in rolls 10mtr long x 91cm wide with easy snap
connectors to allow multiple rolls to be linked together to cover longer or wider areas.

Manufactured from a flexible animal fat resistant PVC
infused w/anti-microbial and anti-fungal additive so it is resistant to animal fats and oils. Designed with a 2.9cm x 1.9cm widely spaced grid which enables fluids and by-products to fall through while elevating employees above it.
Elevate AFR is up to 65% lighter than conventional rubber drainage mats so it is easy to install, clean, roll up and move.

Coefficient of Sliding Friction
0.82 / 0.67  
Highest Recommended Working Temperature
60 °C
Lowest Recommended Working Temperature
-22 °C
Food Contact Suitability
Water Resistant
Wear Resistant
REACH Compliant