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Temporary Floor Protection Solution

Temporary Floor Protection Solution
Working with key partners, MacLellan Rubber has shipped large volume modular tile orders for temporary floor protection across the country into a variety of environments. The challenges presented by a Local Authority in delivering a multi-event solution have added a new dimension to our definition of re-usable.

Faced with having to move an event from its historical venue due to essential restructuring work, we were presented with a request for a temporary flooring solution to protect a sports hall floor of over 10,000 sqm. The flooring needed to be easy to install and uplift not just once, but up to three times over the course of a few weeks so as not to interrupt the use of the facilities by members of the public in between events; be capable of being cleaned quickly; be easily stored outside for long periods; and be suitable for heavy foot traffic. And it needed to fire resistant and environmentally friendly. 

Checker Plate Modular Floor Tiles

The ideal solution from MacLellan’s wide portfolio of high-performance mattings and floor coverings was quickly apparent.  Checker Plate Modular floor tiles were the obvious solution as it is a moulded product produced from recycled PVC, tested and certified:

  • Flame Resistant to BFL-S1
  • Non Slip Tested to BS EN 7188
  • Slip Resistant Tested to BS EN 7188 
  • Critical Fall Height Tested to BS EN 1177

The checker plate modular floor tiles are accurately moulded to ensure the interlocking creates a homogeneous surface with no gaps or trip points. This also facilitates quick installation of large areas with simple hand tools.

MacLellan supplied sample tiles that were tested in a variety of scenarios against alternative products such as carpeting to ensure suitability in the environment specifically to ensure no damage to the venue’s existing floor.  Finally, we ran installation demonstrations with all of the stakeholders in attendance before being awarded the contract.

Products Used:

Protection of existing floor surfaces during major events 

Protection of existing floor from damage and safe walking surface for users


Photo credit: Express & Star