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Viton E Heat Shrink Tubing

Viton E Heat Shrink Tubing

A heat shrinkable flexible high performance tubing manufactured from Viton E, with exceptional resistance to chemicals.  The material will retain mechanical strength an flexibility following long term exposure to high temperatures.

Used for the protection of cables against contamination and high temperatures on applications in the Aerospace, marine, transport and defence industries.

Approved to VG 95-343 Part 5 Type E

Conforms to SAE-AMS-DTL 23053/12, IEC60684-3-233, PAN 6408L and MIL-R-46846

Dielectric Strength
8 kv/mm
Elongation at Break
350 %
Flame Resistance
Self Extinguishing  
Low Temperature Flexibility (-55c)
Tensile Strength
14 MPA
Thermal Ageing (168 hours @ 250 c)
300 %
Thermal Shock (4 hours @ 300c)
Water Absorption
<0.1 %
Chemical Resistant
High Working Temperature
Low Working Temperature
Oil Resistance
Petrol Resistance
Made in European Union
REACH Compliant