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P050 Braided Packing for Reducing Fugitive Emissions

A superior quality low emission Packing, manufactured to ISO15848-1:2006and tested to Shell SPE77/312, constructed from exfoliated graphite reinforced by knitted inconel wire mesh, designed to reduce fugitive emissions with ease and requires no special fitting technique.

Highest Recommended Working Temperature
650 °C
Maximum Linear Speed
2 m/s
Maximum Valve Pressure
350 bar
Non-Oxidising Environment Temp Range
to 3000 °C
PH Range
1-14 PH Range
Steam Operating Temp Range
to 650 °C
Chemical Resistant
High Working Temperature
Low Gas Permeability
Oil Resistance
Petrol Resistance
Steam Resistant
Made in the UK
REACH Compliant
T A Luft VDI2440