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J501 Mica-based Sheet Gasket Sheet Jointing

J501  Mica-based Sheet Gasket Sheet Jointing

J501 - Mica based Sheet Jointing material is designed for use in applications that require constant exposure to extreme temperatures.

25 %
1.9 g/cc
Gas Leakage
<0.2 ml/min  
Highest Recommended Working Temperature
1000 °C
Ignition Loss @ 800c
<5 %
Maximum Pressure
5 bar
Moisture Content
<3 %
35 %
Residual Stress(BS7531 300°C)
29 MPA
Residual Stress(DIN52913)
40 MPA
Tensile Strength
20 MPA
Acid Resistance
Chemical Resistant
Flame Retardent
High Working Temperature
Oil Resistance
Made in European Union
REACH Compliant