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J101 Aramid Jointing Material to BS7531 Grade Y

J101 Aramid Jointing Material to BS7531 Grade Y

A High Quality Grade Y Compressed Fibre Jointing manufactured from a blend of Heat Resistant Fibres and elastomeric binder. Approved to DIN-DVGW, WRAS and BS7531 Grade Y.

BS7531 Grade
Grade Y  
9 %
Gas Leakage
1 cc/min
Highest Recommended Working Temperature
400 °C
Potable Water Temperature Rating
85 °C
50 %
Residual Stress(BS7531 300°C)
23 MPA
Residual Stress(DIN52913)
29 MPA
Steam Operating Temp Range
<200 °C
Tensile Strength
12 MPA
Thickness Increase (ASTM Fuel B)
4 %
Thickness Increase (ASTM Oil 1)
2 %
Thickness Increase (IRM Oil 903)
5 %
Acid Resistance
Chemical Resistant
High Working Temperature
Oil Resistance
Potable Water Suitability
Sea Water Resistance
Made in the UK
REACH Compliant
T A Luft VDI2440
Water Council Approved