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7301 Button Finish NR/SBR Rubber Matting

7301 Button Finish NR/SBR Rubber Matting

A general purpose Rubber Matting with a Button/Penny/Coin Embossed Pattern. Suitable as a floor covering for Temporary or Semi-Permanent applications in Industrial & Commercial Environments. Suitable also for use as shelf or drawer liners in workshop or garage environments.

Compression Set(22 Hours @ 70°C)
30 %
Elongation at Break
250 %
Highest Recommended Working Temperature
70 °C
Intermittent Working Temperature
90 °C
Lowest Recommended Working Temperature
-20 °C
Shore Hardness (Shore A)
65 ° Shore
Specific Gravity
1.55 g/cm3
Tensile Strength
REACH Compliant