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Working with our Customers to Increase Export Business

28 Oct 2019

MacLellan Rubber constantly works with its customers to grow their export business, providing high quality, fully certified and batch traceable materials, that meet the wide range of demanding standards required by industries from Oil and Gas to Transport and Electrical Engineering.

Working with our conversion customers whom are focussing on European business, we find that traceability and proof of quality through independent certification consistently wins through.  The investment in time and resources using un-validated, in-house tested materials, is increasingly recognised as wasted cost to the business, which can be even more serious if a product has been produced and can’t subsequently be supported with qualified test data.

Recent successes we’ve had supporting our UK customers include:

  • BS EN1935:2004 Nitrile for converter supplying a Caribbean Food Processing Plant

  • BS EN 1935:2004 Natural for a converter supplying an Equipment manufacturer exporting globally

  • BS EN 45545 EPDM for a converter supplying an Italian Transport application

  • BS EN 45545 Neoprene for an extruder supplying a Spanish Transport Application

  • BS EN1935:2004 Metal Detectable Nitrile for a moulder supplying a French Food Processing Plant

  • BS EN1935:2004 Coloured Sheeting for a converter supplying European Food Processing Plants

  • BS EN 61111 Class 4 Matting for a distributor supplying a European Utility Services provider

  • NSF 61 EPDM for a converter supplying a UK Equipment manufacturer exporting to the USA

  • UBA approved EPDM for a converter supplying European Drinking Water maintenance businesses

  • UL94 VO Nitrile for a converter supplying European Marine Engineering businesses

  • BS EN 13501 Matting for a distributor into the European construction market

The key aspect in all these examples has been MacLellan’s ability to back up its quality statements with independent, verifiable, test data.  Tests undertaken by respected European bodies including:

  • WRAS in the UK

  • Intertek in the UK

  • Gaiker Centro Tecnologico in Spain

  • Tecnalia Research & Innovation in Italy

  • Technologiezentrum Wasser in Germany

  • Ianesco in France

  • Centro Tecnologico Riojano S.A. in Spain

Recognising the value associated with our guarantee of quality, safety of supply, and in some cases material USP’s, customers are increasingly focussed on our technically superior materials to win business at a price point above those achieved using ‘standard materials’.

For more information on how MacLellan’s can work with you in the supply of high quality materials contact your account manager or phone our sales office on 01902 307711.
Working with our Customers to Increase Export Business