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Reusable Temporary Transformer Isolation Pads

05 Jun 2018
MacMount® Isolation Pads

have been used for over sixty years by global Transformer manufacturers to reduce the transfer of noise through the air and vibration through the ground on small and large power generation and distribution projects.

MacMount® Isolation Pads reduce noise levels by absorbing vibrations and helping to reduce the amplification of audible sound by the casing. In addition, as MacMount® pads are installed without bolts or fastening devices, there is no possibility of this being a source of noise generation.

MacMount® Isolation Pads reduce the transmission of vibration through the ground, which is often a more invasive nuisance, by isolating the transformer entirely from the base platform and effectively absorbing those vibrations.

Protect your Workers and Buildings from Noise Irritation and Vibration Damage by Using Rapid Installation MacMount® Isolation Pads

Designed to be installed without mechanical fixings, MacMount® Isolation Pads require:

  • No drilling of bolt holes
  • No special alignment of fixings between the transformer and the ground
  • No complicated design calculations
  • No specialist installation equipment or team

They are quick and easy to place in situ and remove with the unit on delivery and uplift, protecting the sub-surface from cracking or degradation, buildings from vibration damage and, more importantly, protecting localised employees from low level noise and vibration annoyance.

Due to the high quality materials used in the manufacture of MacMount® Isolation Pads - high tensile strength and elongation and low compression set - the pads are reusable in temporary transformer applications making them economical as well as effective.

Reusable Temporary Transformer Isolation Pads