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On Track to Supply EPDM that Meets the Rail Industry's New European Safety Standard

22 Feb 2018

The UK Rail Industry is gearing up for a new European safety standard with the introduction of EN45545-2:2013 which will replace BS6853, DIN 5510, NF F 16-101, NF16-102 and UNI CEI 11170.1.3.

MacLellan Rubber, renowned for manufacturing and supplying materials that adhere to stringent quality and health & safety standards across a range of industry sectors, is on track to supply EPDM material that meets the new EN45545 requirements.

The new standard specifies requirements for fire behaviour of materials and components used in trains. In the event of a fire, materials and components should limit fire development and produce low levels of smoke and toxic fumes and comply with test methods that assess performance and meet the required standards.

Fire Reisistant, low smoke toxicity EPDM:

Our fire resistant, low smoke toxicity EPDM complies with the new standard and is independently certified. It is available made to order with short lead-times in a range of thicknesses from 0.5mm to 30mm in standard 1400mm wide roll format which makes it ideal for converting into gaskets, sealing strip, buffer and anti-vibration pads.

MacLellan Rubber has extensive experience in the Transport sector and are leading providers of a range of gasket and sealing products to the rail industry. Learn more about our experience in the Rail Industry.

To speak to one of the Technical Team about our EN45545-2 EPDM material call us on 01902 30 77 11.

On Track to Supply EPDM that Meets the Rail Industry