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Metal Detectable FoodSafe Silicone with Anti Microbial Enhancement

19 Nov 2018
MacLellan is now able to offer a FoodSafe Silicone with an Anti-Microbial Enhancement which should benefit converters who are supplying to the Food industry and often want these two important properties combined in the one product.

Anti-Microbial and Metal Detectable Silicone

This product is intended for use in applications in the Food, Drinks, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industries with the introduction of an Anti-Microbial option on EU1935 FoodSafe Silicone, as a standard compound and significantly in a Metal Detectable version.

Due to compounding challenges, Silicone sheet material has been traditionally offered as either Anti-microbial or Metal Detectable, but not both.  Requests for a gasket and sealing material with these combined features has increased from our gasket cutting partners as Food producers seek to improve the safety of their processing lines and meet the increasingly stringent legislative demands. 

Although manufacture is currently limited to 600mm square moulded sheets, our technical team are continuing to work on a formulation that will enable the supply of Rubber Sheeting in Rolls and expand the Anti-Microbial feature to our other EU1935 Natural, Neoprene, Nitrile and EPDM Polymers, and our Metal Detectable Nitrile.

For more information on our range of EU1935 FoodSafe materials for gasket cutters, moulders and extruders, contact our sales team on 01902 307711.

Metal Detectable FoodSafe Silicone with Anti Microbial Enhancement