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MacLellan Sends Reinforcements

08 Jun 2017
MacLellan Rubber sees increase in demand for high quality materials to the Middle East.

Simon Winfield, director at MacLellan Rubber which is one of the UK's foremost suppliers of polymer sheeting and rubber products, explains: "Our customer's end-user had experienced problems in the past with inferior materials from other sources. MacLellan was approached as we are known for manufacturing products to the necessary technical quality standards."

High Grade Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) rubber sheeting material, which is more resistant to oils and gases, was specified. However, the existing specification was modified to include wire reinforcement, as the material was ultimately to be used in the production of pipeline gaskets for the petroleum industry.

MacLellan's wire reinforced HNBR sheeting contains high grade polymers and is used in various applications within the oil industry. It is typically used in pipeline gaskets and must withstand high stress or pressure applications in gaseous environments where high seal integrity is vital.

Simon added: "We worked to a short lead-time and shipped the material to the Middle East, where we've seen a significant growth in orders for technical materials over the last couple of years."

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MacLellan Sends Reinforcements