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Increased Integrity Demanded in FoodSafe Supply Chain with TACCP and VACCP

15 Feb 2018

The formal adoption of Threat Assessment and Critical Control (TACCP) and Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control (VACCP) protocols by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSi) in Europe, aims to further improve the processes and supply chain management within the Food Industry.

TACCP focuses on identifying threats such as tampering, intentional adulteration of food and food defence, whilst VACCP focuses on food fraud and identifying vulnerable points in the supply chain, especially economically motivated adulteration (EMA) which include product substitutions, unapproved product enhancements, counterfeiting etc.

Both programmes require the manufacturer to develop mitigation strategies and correction procedures which in turn may require audits of the supply chain and extensive control checks.

Simon Winfield, director at MacLellan Rubber, explains: "An area often overlooked by manufacturers is their supply of seals and gaskets. With maintenance programmes under increasing financial pressure, acceptance of a material or product that looks or feels right leads to the use of uncertified materials (ie not EU1935) and potential contamination through leaching or chemicals from those products. Many white or blue polymer materials currently offered as Food Quality have no formal test Certification or batch testing to substantiate their use in food environments, resulting in risks of contamination within the end user's production processes being high."

Independently Certified materials:

MacLellan Rubber only supplies FoodSafe materials independently certified to EU1935:2004 and now independently certified Nitrosamine-Free

To ensure you meet your HACCP, TACCP and VACCP standards, specify MacLellan 0128 (Natural Rubber), 0157 (EPDM Rubber) or 0731 (Nitrile Rubber) FoodSafe materials for your gasket and sealing applications - available as Rubber Rolls for production of sealing gaskets and Strip or as Compound for processing into Moulded Seals and Extrusions.

For more information call the MacLellan Rubber Team on 01902 30 77 11.
Increased Integrity Demanded in FoodSafe Supply Chain with TACCP and VACCP