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Contract Renewal is Electric!

22 Nov 2017

A contract to supply electrical insulation matting and rolls worth over 30,000 has been renewed by one of MacLellan Rubber's longstanding customers.

Electrical matting is an important safety feature as it isolates the user from risk of electrical shock and is typically used by site engineers working in high voltage environments.

MacLellan supply a range of electrical rubber matting that insulates or dissipates electrical current, meeting a range of international standards including BS921, EC 61111 and ASTM D178.

Electrical resistance is a measure of the level of electrical insulation of rubber sheeting and will be reported with a recommended safe working voltage, typically from 650 volts on BS921 and up to 36,000 volts on EC 61111.

MacLellan's supply over 3,000 rolls and 10,000 pre-cut sheets of Electrical Insulation / Switchboard Matting per annum and is the supplier of choice for many engineers.

For more information about our range of electrical safety matting products call 01902 30 77 11 or click HERE
Contract Renewal is Electric!