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Contract Extended for Transport Moulding

13 Oct 2015

MacLellan is known all over the world for its high quality Rubber Sheeting and Matting products, but few people are aware of its capabilities in Rubber Moulding and Specialist Fabrication.

Lewis Neilson commented Our technical capability in producing large complex multi-layer mouldings is recognised by many OEMs who regularly seek to challenge our manufacturing team. In this instance we have two different compounds, a heavy duty reinforcement and highly detailed surface patterns to and bottom that must be perfect due to the aesthetic nature of the application.

These challenges are something that MacLellan thrive on delivering quality products, challenging environments, and complex assemblies are quite literally all in a days work and the fact that a multi-national transport company recognises MacLellan Rubber for these skills is a true mark of our performance.

Contract Extended for Transport Moulding